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SHRM Discusses Resonant Leadership

By  on June 15, 2021 Caribbean Business

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM-PR) held the second event of its online Annual Conference with the theme “Resonant Leadership: Achieving Results while Potentialize Challenges.”

In this line, the discussion dealt with essential contributions for organization growth.

The panelists were Agnes Suárez, president and CEO of AIG Insurance Company Puerto Rico; Bettye Baldwin, Managing Principal of Retention Strategies, LLC; Lourdes de Cárdenas Alfonso, Executive Vice President of Innovation of MCS and, as moderator, Walter Santaliz, Regional Director of Latin America at NEWS Navigation.

What makes a resonant leader?

The opinions varied among the panelists, although a common theme dealt with a person’s character and moral values.

For example, Baldwin said a resonant leadership is based on “authenticity and character,” while Cárdenas signaled the importance of “stability and continuous communication.”

Suárez, on the other hand, highlighted the importance of “presence and cultivating trust,” while Santaliz said that leadership is more than soft skills, although these are of extreme importance.

In essence, the panelists touched on common ground when saying that resonant leadership was demonstrated through integration, communication, empathy, particularly regarding the well-being of others before thinking of one’s own.

The event closed with Spanish international speaker Victor Küppers, who shared the Fundamental Keys to Potentialize Your Purpose. Küppers discusses best practices in Positive Psychology and the attitudes that leaders should project to improve satisfaction and, therefore, results. “Your team’s attitude is a reflection of your leadership,” Küppers said.



SHRM Discusses Resonant Leadership

From left to right: Saraí González, Conference Director 2021; Natasha Santiago,

 Educational Committee Conference; Agnes Suárez, President & CEO of AIG

 Insurance of Puerto Rico; Walter Santaliz, Regional Director of  Latin  America

 at NEWS  Navigation; Lourdes de Cárdenas Alfonso, Executive Vice President

 of Innovation at MCS;  Bettye  Baldwin,  Managing  Principal of  Retention

  Strategies, LLC; Eliezer Pérez, Educational Committee Conference and Edna Z.

 Guzmán, President of SHRMPR 2021


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